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Iris helps organizations outpace the competition and grow faster with end-to-end cloud services. Our cloud services can be categorized under two groups:
  • Enterprise and portfolio-wide service
    • Portfolio Assessment and Consulting 
  • Application-specific services
    • Re-factor
    • Re-platform
    • Re-write
Iris cloud expertise has enabled several enterprises to realize their business goals like superior customer experience, compliance & regulatory requirements, risk, faster time-to-market and others. Technical objectives realized are reduced TCO, improved developer productivity, reduced mean time for ticket resolution, etc. Iris delivers these business objectives through the following services.
Portfolio Assessment and Consulting

Portfolio Assessment and Consulting

Iris provides business-focused strategy and consulting services for smoother, faster and cost-efficient cloud adoption. We deliver cloud adoption roadmap and detailed implementation plan to move your on-prem workloads to cloud through re-hosting, re-platforming, re-factoring and re-writing to solve your business and technical objectives. This plan is optimized for technical risk mitigation, implementation cost and delivery timelines.

Cloud Re-platforming


Workloads that are stable from a feature standpoint and important to your business — requiring scalability and resiliency are good candidates for application re-platforming. Our re-platforming services turn existing code into cloud-friendly applications using automated code discovery and dependency mapping technologies for higher efficiencies. We adopt a cloud-friendly technology stack to break monoliths into module-based architecture and build stateless services to take full advantage of cloud platform features. These re-platforming services can be performed on workloads for public, private and hybrid cloud to realize the benefits of the cloud.
Cloud Re-factoring


Workloads that have an active backlog for new development and are critical for your business — requiring scalability and resiliency are good candidates for application re-factoring. Re-factoring involves re-building the architecture and consolidating application features to make them cloud-ready. Iris consultants transform the existing code base of the applications by breaking monoliths into microservices, adopting cloud-native design principles and developing new features to meet new business requirements. Our re-factoring services have enabled several Fortune 500 companies to adopt cloud systems for business agility and benefits at significantly reduced TCO.
Cloud-native Development

Cloud-native Development (Rewrite)

New greenfield application development and existing workloads critical to the business — requiring a long shelf life are good candidates for cloud-native development or re-write. Iris cloud-native re-write services help enterprises transform these workloads through reverse engineering, redesigning and redeveloping existing applications with new features using cloud-native design principles. The entire code for the new application is developed without reusing existing code for a very low technical debt, following born-in-the-cloud principles. The new code will be developed as microservices with automated test cases, CI/CD pipeline following Test Driven Development (TDD) or Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD) methodologies for short release cycles to give competitive business advantages to customers.

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