Automation testing improves efficiency for bank


Model risk system’s automation testing improves efficiency

An international bank attains 100% stable, scalable, and reusable with automated Model Risk Management System (MRMS) testing.


A top international bank


To acquire a scalable, more efficient testing automation framework for the Model Risk Management System (MRMS)

Tools and technologies

Java, Selenium, Maven, TestNG, and Git


The client’s existing Model Risk Management System (MRMS) application framework was inefficient in handling functional testing aspects and risk scenarios. Built on redundant, hard to debug, and non-scalable code, the system was unreliable for model risk testing. The test cases and controls were maintained and executed in Excel, affecting the parallel workflow abilities and tempering the testing results for the bank. The manual process and repetitious code were affecting the quality of deliverables, and maintaining the system was costing much. Running automated, data-driven/ lengthy, and end-to-end test flows— was the prime challenge for the client.


Our automation and testing experts developed a lightweight and scalable framework that enabled 100% automated regression testing of the functional test cases for the model risk applications. Catering to the client’s specific needs, we built the new framework using a simplified, customizable code that separated the automation utilities and test functions. The solution eliminated manual effort aiming at faster test case execution and catching the testing issues at integration points. The traceable and easy-to-maintain code allowed seamless adaptability of multiple application areas.


The delivered solution helped the client to: 
  • Acquire a 100% stable, scalable, reusable, and fully automated test framework
  • Reduce the maintenance time up to 90%
  • Save $18,000 and 720 labor hours per year
  • Identify approximately 20% more system defects of the existing system and address those post automation


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